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I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my neck and shoulders which I believe was brought on by driving long miles for work. Jamie was very friendly and took the time to understand the problems I was suffering from. The treatment certainly helped straight away and I was also given some stretches to do at home to try to reduce tension in my neck and shoulders between appointments. I already feel much better, and I find I also sit and walk with better posture after some osteopathic treatment, as well as experiencing greatly reduced discomfort in my neck. - Tom, 32

I had several treatments for chronic sciatic pain and was quite sceptical at first but after only a couple of treatments was feeling so much better. I've learned how best to 'help myself' and can now enjoy long periods of no pain whatsoever. The clinic is so easy to reach being so close to the main Oxford railway station. - Linda, 60

The clinic is located very conveniently near where I work. I found the setting and facilities to be relaxing and welcoming. Before my treatment I had pain in my shoulders, neck and upper back. In particular, I felt muscular strain especially on the right side of my body and neck. Largely this was related to my posture/working at a desk. The treatment was fantastic, it really convinced me of the value and effectiveness of osteopathy! Jamie is an excellent osteopath and makes sure to understand what the problem is before doing any work. My treatment included both manipulations and soft-tissue work, and Jamie struck a perfect balance between being neither too rough nor too soft. As recommended by Jamie I attended several sessions, over the course of two months. Ever since, my problems have not returned and I feel great! - Paul, 27

I had lower back pain which got worse over time. Jamie is very friendly and always willing to help. He has managed to fit me in on short notice when I have any back problems. My lower back has definitely improved, although the pain does come back occasionally if I over-exert myself in the gym or whilst playing football. - Majd, 25

I came to see Central Oxford Osteopathy one year ago, after suffering from lower back pain (sciatica) for years, since my first pregnancy. During and after my second pregnancy, the pain was so intense that I often could not get out of bed, and lifting or carrying my children made it worse. As a scientist, I was a bit sceptical about osteopathy, especially since I had already tried physical therapy and chiropractic with very limited success. All my scepticism was completely unfounded! I had only two consultations with Jamie: during the first he carefully examined me and identified the cause of the pain, a deep, cramped muscle. During the second treatment, he massaged the muscle and showed me how to do this at home, as well as some stretching exercises to perform. Amazingly, I have not experienced this intense pain since! When I feel the muscle acting up, I simply perform the stretches. I wish I had gone to Jamie earlier, and saved myself so much pain. I have since tried another osteopath (closer to my home) for a different problem, but my experience with COO was far better. - Helene, 38

I was in a car accident and suffered from back and neck pain on the top left side. Now, after some treatment, I feel much better. Also along with treatment I was given advice and exercises to help me in the future. - Cara, 27

I came to the clinic as I had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders from working at a desk all week; I was having tension headaches every day which were interfering with my work and my sleep patterns. Treatment at the clinic was great - very thoughtful and professional, and everything was explained clearly to me. Jamie took the time to discuss my situation in detail and gave me some suggestions for how I could improve my posture with stretches once treatment was over; and 6 months after my first treatment this has definitely improved. After treatment I felt relaxed and my neck and shoulders felt much freer than they had in a long time, and the headaches disappeared. I come back to the clinic every time the tension returns, and would highly recommend the service here to friends and family. - Freya, 21

Before I contacted Jamie, I could barely walk and sit down after pulling my lower back very suddenly playing sport. My whole lower back was incredibly tense, and I was constantly worried that even the slightest movement would cause more damage and further intense jarring. After a few days of doubting that I had just 'pulled a muscle' and no sign of improvement I contacted the clinic and was seen within 24 hours. The location for me was perfect as I work at Oxford University Said Business School, so could easily manage to walk to the clinic. The treatment itself is never painful and I always feel at ease. From the first treatment I could feel an immediate improvement. I returned once a week for a number of weeks and was soon back to playing to sport and cycling into work. The best thing about my treatment experience was that Jamie determined the underlying cause of the problem straight away and worked on not only easing the symptoms very effectively but preventing it from happening again. One year on and I have not experienced the problem since. - Isabel, 27

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