Your First Treatment


We consider each person as an individual. On your first visit, we will spend time taking a detailed medical history including important information about your lifestyle and diet. You will then normally be asked to remove some of your clothing and perform a series of simple movements.

We will then identify points of weakness or excessive strain throughout your body. This will allow a full diagnosis of your problem and will enable your Osteopath to tailor a treatment plan to your needs.

We will use a range of manual techniques including pressure, stretching and manipulation to ease pain, reduce swelling, improve joint mobility or release your muscle tension. With added exercises and health advice, Jamie will help to reduce the symptoms and improve your health and quality of life.

Throughout your consultation we will make you feel at ease and tell you what is happening. Feel free to ask questions throughout the course of your appointment if you are unsure.

For acute conditions, two or three treatments will usually provide relief. For chronic conditions, you may need regular treatments over a period of time.

If further medical treatment or investigation is needed - for example an x-ray or blood test - we may contact your doctor, with your permission, or refer you on to the appropiate healthcare professional. In some cases the results of these investigations may be required before we can safely treat you.



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