Plantar fasciitis really is the beast of injuries! It is stubborn and I best described it as my naughty child! I suffered with Plantar fasciitis for 2 years so prior to treatment I had exhausted possible solutions including stretching, physio, needling, acupuncture and was therefore so frustrated - I missed my running, which is not just important for my fitness but my well-being. That's not to say that the other treatments weren't effective in some way but although they gave some relief it was still taking its time to actually get me to where I want to be.

The location of the clinic couldn't be better for me - just a quick walk. My daughter saw Central Oxford Osteopathy moving in and suggested I try them. Best appointment I have ever made - wish I had made it / tried it months ago! The treatment itself was and is very effective with remarkable results - you must do as your are instructed though i.e. continue with stretches. Jamie was fantastic in terms of not only the treatment but his explanations of how, what and why and the formation of the architecture of the body. The treatment was very gentle and with utmost effect and the surroundings are clean, calm and I always leave totally relaxed yet excited to healing and getting back to my fitness level. The relief of not having pain every day is so fantastic.

- Emma

I was having a lot of trouble walking very far or even just standing up for a long period of time. After just a few sessions I felt a huge improvement in my back and leg, it's such a relief to feel close to normal again and I'm really grateful to Jamie and everything he has done to help me. The overall experience is great, Jamie is very friendly and puts you at ease straight away, I'm really glad that I made the decision to visit the clinic.

- John

Jamie treated my neck, gave me exercises to repeat and probably more importantly, convinced me I had a healthy spine. Within two weeks I was a new woman, and have been pain free for weeks and weeks.

- Bobbie, 56

After twisting my back when picking up my daughter, I was struggling to walk. I had two sessions with Jamie and have continued with the exercises which he suggested. A month later, my back feels great and the pain has completely gone.

- Chris, 33

For the first time in years I am no longer taking pain killers and able to sleep through the night

- Anna, violinist with Roxy Music, 26

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