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Sports Injury Oxford | Sports Massage Oxford

A massage entails manipulating deep and superficial layers of muscle and soft tissue in the body. There are various techniques used to do this. The main aim is to promote faster recovery while also helping to prevents sports injury. The massages that we give here at Central Oxford Osteopath can provide a wide array of benefits that include better performance and relaxation.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is a type of massage used for treating the muscles and soft tissues in the body. It is useful in treating muscle damage, relieve muscle tension, and mobilise the soft tissues. Besides that, it helps to reduce pain and break down adhesion. Sports massages are also used to prevent injuries. This type of massage is not reserved for sports people. Anyone can get this massage to treat various conditions.

How a Sports Massage Works

The sports massage is usually deep and intense. Various techniques that entail toning, friction, stretching, and compression are used. It is invigorating and has been shown to be effective in treating muscle damage, overuse injuries, and reducing the risk of injury. The massage is done pre and post-exercise. The massage is also effective in dealing with chronic and acute injuries.

The Use of a Sports Massage

There are numerous uses of sports massage. They include:

• Relieve Muscle Tension

Sports massages help to relieve the muscle tension that builds up from the intense activity. It is applied using deep pressure to the superficial and underlying muscles. Because of injury and stress, tension can build up in muscles. This leads to a higher muscle tone. It can cause muscles to feel tight and lead to pain. By stimulating the blood, a sports massage reduces muscle tone. As a result, the muscles can relax.

• Mobilise Soft Tissues and Muscles

When soft tissues are restricted, it reduces flexibility and causes pain. The soft tissues need to be relaxed and wavy at all times. When muscles and other tissue are damaged, they can become restricted in movement. Various techniques are used to stretch the muscles and loosen them, which allows for more movement and less pain.

• Treating Muscles Damage

Sports massages help you deal with cramps, injuries, and over-stretched tissues fibres. A sports massage promotes the healing process while reducing discomfort. To treat muscle damage, the therapist uses various techniques to speed up recovery including cold and hot treatments, trigger pointing, and lymphatic drainage techniques.

• Helps to Break Down Adhesion

Adhesion's are fibrous bands, which are part of scar tissues that form between tissues and internal organs. Post-injury adhesion form as part of the healing process to repair any damage. They can become stiff and cause pain. A sports massage helps to break down adhesions that form due to muscle injury. The sports massage gets rid of the adhesions. It allows muscle fibres to realign to their pre-injury state.

• Reducing and Managing Pain

A massage interferes with the body’s pain pathways. It also releases endorphins, which reduce pain and cause relaxation. A massage leads to more blood flow to the muscles and joints while increasing temperature. The increased temperature leads to muscle relaxation and less pain.

When to Use a Sports Massage

Before Competition or Training

A sports massage can be given before a major competition or training. For instance before a 10K run marathon or football match. A pre-event massage will aim to enhance circulation and reduce tension. It is also good for mentally preparing people before they compete. The therapist will use various techniques and tailor the massage to the needs of the athlete according to which event in which they participate.

After an Event

A sports massage is important after exercises. The post-event massage reduces the tension that builds up and causes muscles spasms. Various techniques enhance the self-healing process of the body. As a result, it prevents injury and the occurrence of the delayed muscles soreness. This enables people to get back to training fast.

As Part of the Training

A Sports massage is often used during a training programme. It helps people taking part in regular exercise by speeding up recovery and reducing soreness. Various techniques will be used during the training programme to hasten the recovery process of the body and allow one to train without risking injury.

After a Workout

A sports massage prevents the delayed muscles soreness that occurs due to tiny tears in muscles from stretching too much. It creates pain and causes stiffness in muscles days after the strenuous workout. A massage helps to treat and prevent this situation, which enhances the recovery process.

After an Injury

Sports massages are often used after an injury. It helps to stimulate the healing process by getting rid of tension and stress that builds up around the injured area. It also helps to improve blood flow, which leads to removal of waste that builds up as part of healing. The massage will also help to break down adhesions before they get a chance to form, which helps bring back muscle elasticity.

To Relieve Pain

Chronic pain is a major issue after an injury. A massage interrupts the pain cycles and helps an athlete deal with the pain. Circulation in the area can be reduced and mobility is limited due to pain. A massage will restore mobility by loosening the muscles and helping to elongate them. It also increases blood circulation, which leads to relaxation, which causes less emotional anxiety and stress. This stress is often linked to chronic pain.



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