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Jenny Fletcher

You’re In Good Hands

Jenny graduated from the College of Osteopathic Education with a first class honours

degree. She is also certified in Soft-Tissue Therapy, Acupuncture for Sports Injuries and

Clinical Pilates.

“I love the wide perspective that Osteopathy provides to help people with their health issues.

No two patients are the same so I combine a variety of different methods to create a unique

treatment plan for each individual”.

Professional Pain Relief

Jenny enjoys working collaboratively with patients to help ensure that they return to health

as quickly as possible and uses restorative movement and exercise to aid recovery.

“It is very rewarding to work in collaboration with my patients to enable their body’s innate

ability to heal”.

Committed to Long Term Health

There are many factors that can contribute to a patient’s painful symptoms and Jenny helps

patients explore strategies to combat these.

“There are many pressures on patients that can get in the way of recovery and I feel it is a

privilege that they trust me to help them with their pain”.

Part of Your Community

As well as treating at Central Oxford Osteopaths, Jenny works with the first team of Gosford

All Blacks rugby club.

“Providing osteopathic support to the players of this physically demanding sport really

emphasises that osteopathy can be helpful for everybody”.

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