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Cliff Bennett

You're in safe hands

Starting Osteopathy as a second career, Cliff is passionate and dedicated to providing the very best Osteopathic treatment and patient care.

“Making sure that I provide the best care to my patients that I can, means I finish each day with complete job satisfaction”

Professional pain relief

Cliff aims to treat both the mind and the body.

“Educating my patients as I treat helps put my patients at ease, helping to speed up their recovery and increasing compliance in therapeutic exercises."

Committed to long term health

By demystifying why the body becomes dysfunctional, Cliff’s patients are better able to manage their own long term health issues.

“I feel it is my duty to help my patients manage their own long term health. By giving them easy to do exercises, as well as suggesting small changes to their life style, I aim to help my patients take control of their own health and not become reliant on me for ongoing pain relief.”

Part of the community

Cliff manages a wide range of patients, from students to builders, office workers to train drivers, with a multitude of unique problems.

“Treating people from all walks of life allows me to connect with all members of the local community.”

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